Lacto Beauty Calamine Lotion – Advance

Lacto Beauty Calamine Lotion – Advance


Lacto Beauty Calamine Lotion – Advance

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Lacto Beauty Classic acts as a base for the moisturizer. It will also absorb oil from the skin. You can then put on your makeup or sun block. Apply Lacto Beauty lotion to your face every day, before leaving for work. Apply a generous amount. Your face needs protection, and this will provide good protection. Add a drop of Lacto Beauty to the moisturizer. It is known to cause mild pigmentation of the skin, and sometimes allergic reactions. So, it is best to know these facts before using Lacto Beauty.
The best thing is to try it on a small area of skin on the forearm and watch for any reactions for about two weeks. If okay, it can be used on a regular basis.
Lacto Calamine gives your skin : .
1. Nourishment .
2. Acne & Oil Control.
3. Dead skin Removal.
4. Protection.
This product has natural nourishing ingredients like Calamine, Kaolin, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Carbonate & Castor Oil. When applied, it cools the skin, and evens out the skin tone, giving it a neat clear look. It has mildly anti-septic properties, and clears out acne. Also, calamine has good sun-screen action, and protects well against tanning. It is also an anti-blemish cream. It has many desirable actions all available in 1 cream–anti-tan, anti-blemish, anti-acne, anti-itch, even smooth tone.

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