Noori Mosquito Repellent Cream

Noori Mosquito Repellent Cream

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Noori Mosquito Repellent Cream, 50 gm

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Noori Mosquito Repellent Cream offers protection from disease causing mosquitoes anytime, anywhere because its unique formulation creates a shield around you due to which the mosquitoes do not bite you. It provides protection against various types of mosquitoes including the Aedes mosquito, which cause deadly diseases like dengue & Chikungunya and Anopheles mosquito, which cause Malaria.

N, N-Diethyl Benzamide 12% w/w.

Instruction to use:
For best result, apply the cream uniformly over the exposed skin. Do not apply to eye, lips & mouth. Do not apply over cuts and wounds. While applying to babies make sure it is not taken internally by the babies by sucking their fingers or other body parts.

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Weight 50. g
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