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Zee Body Grow

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Zee Body Grow – A Supplement for Athletes, Body Builders and Fitness Enthusiasts.

Building up of muscle requires protein and the quality of protein combines essential and non essential amino acids in a perfect ratio for maximum absorption and assimilation. Protein provides you with ideal nutritional support to help you boost muscle mass and gain strength.

Important components in the body grow supplement are Creatine, Whey Protein, Ashwagandha, Vitamin, Tribules and Minerals that helps in reducing fat percentage and assists the building of lean muscle mass at a faster pace. The perfect proportion of carbohydrates and protein supports repair, rebuild and supply energy to body tissues. It also provides the body with adequate amounts of micro-nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals to support metabolic function that boost immune system and acts as antioxidants. This combination helps in maintaining the protein balance, protein synthesis and protein breakdown.

Whey protein is a mass-gain component in Body Grow and it’s the most essential for pushing protein synthesis. Whey has a high level of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It digests fast and gets to your muscles rapidly to start building muscle. Whey protein also contains peptides (small proteins) that increase blood flow to the muscles. This is why we always recommend consuming Body Grow immediately after training.

Take 20 grams of Zee body grow powder in the 30 minutes before working out, and take 40 grams within 60 minutes after training. Also consider taking 20-40 grams of whey immediately upon waking every morning to kick-start muscle growth.

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