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Pack of 2 – ZeeGold Strong Capsules (30 Capsules)

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ZEEGOLD STRONG is a comprehensive daily health supplement that has a balanced combination of Ginseng, Vitamins & Minerals in appropriate concentrations. Zee Gold combats symptoms caused by stress, fatigue, tiredness & aging. It improves physical & mental performance and helps in improving overall health & vitality. Zee Gold Strong contains 20 essential Vitamins, Minerals & Ginseng to maintain normal energy levels.


As directed by the physician.

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  • Zee Gold balanced combination rejuvenates and strengthens body organs and helps maintain good health.
  • It Increases the utilization of oxygen in our body to normal levels.
  • Ginseng, actively researched in various parts of the world where it is taken as a food supplement for improving the vitality of systems in the body.
  • It has 9 Minerals, 11 Vitamins and Ginseng keeps you fit & active all day.


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